Here's a few tips and tricks on how you can boost productivity, output and value by 200%-300% for every working hour.

Fractional Hiring

Hiring someone on a fractional basis or “on demand” to carry out what needs to be done (a specific task or project) is a great way to maximise output and minimise time wastage, it also comes at a fraction of the cost compared to a full-time, in-house resource, saving you time and money.

Task Prioritisation

Organising and prioritising tasks by taking into account the priority, value and time required to carry out each activity is essential as it allows us to maximizing the productivity and output of every hour spent working on a project.

Distilled Knowledge

Distilling what works, from what doesn’t (based on past experience) can save unmeasurable amounts of time and money on the projects that we work on together, allowing us to skip a lot of the trial and error, focusing time and resources on what’s going to drive meaningful, long term growth.


Automating tasks enables us to streamline the way we work, saving immeasurable amounts of time and money, both in the short and long term. This allows us to focus on other activities, such as strategy and driving incremental growth, adding incremental value and productivity to the work that we do together.

No Bureaucracy

Working for a corporation can often come with a load of luggage and bureaucracy that can slow down productivity, lower moral and decrease the time spent driving value to a project or campaign.
Whilst a certain amount of admin is of course required, it’s important to have a healthy balance that allows for productivity, growth and proactivity as much as possible. Hiring a consultant to focus on specific tasks or activities can help help minimise time wastage and maximise outputs.


Incentivising individuals to go above and beyond is a great way to maximise productivity and create a win-win situation for everyone.
It can also help make people feel more motivated, involved, accountable and responsible, a great way to increase productivity, growth and results.

Software & Hardware

Having a powerful computer with a strong, reliable internet connection can make work much more pleasurable and productive.
There’s also a wide variety of time and task management tools that can help us work much more efficiently and effectively across multiple simultaneous projects.
Leveraging software and hardware can significantly increase an individuals productivity and output.


Delegating tasks according to each individuals expertise and specialisms is key when working as an extension of a team, as this allows each team member to focus on a specific set of tasks and KPI’s, whilst others work on projects more suited to their skill sets.
It can also help alleviate stress and workload from key team players, enabling them to focus on driving additional growth and productivity.

Working From Home

Don’t get me wrong, I love coming into the office to have a meaningful meeting or brainstorm where we can all discuss ideas, formulate strategies and draw on a white board. When necessary.
There’s no denying that working from home comes with some comforts and gives us all back a few hours a day, which can be used to increase productivity by 25%, taking a leisurely walk or spending time with family and friends.

The Outcome

Utilising the above methods can empower an individual to increase Output, Productivity & Value by 2-3X for every hour and pound spent working together.