It's all about Growth

I originally got into marketing when I started my own online business at the age of 19, which taught me the basics of website creation, SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click). I bought a few books and watched countless YouTube videos in order to teach myself the basics of digital marketing.
Since then, I’ve spent the last 13 years working with brands of all shapes and sizes; from start-ups and scale-ups to some of the biggest brands in the world, including Rightmove, Made.com, Lloyds Bank, Trainline and Confused.com.
Throughout my career I’ve worked with hundreds of brands across a number
of sectors including retail, property, recruitment, finance, fintech, martech,
automotive, travel, advertising and education, from start-ups to global multibillion £ companies.
This has taught me a wide range of tried and tested strategies, techniques and methodologies that are guaranteed to increase results, but more importantly, it’s also taught me what doesn’t work, which is what the majority of companies don’t know.
Growth means 3 things for me, all of which are dependent on one another and critical for success:
Business growth: in the form of new customers, increased lifetime value/retention, sales and scalable profits
Team growth: everyone that I work with learns new skills and expertise, allowing them to further their career and grow as an individual. Over the years I’ve led and grown multiple teams, from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, all of which have gone on to do great things with their careers
Personal growth: I have a passion for helping businesses and individuals grow, this is what I enjoy doing, what motivates me and what my whole career has been based on so far. This passion has allowed me to grow as an individual and enabled me to work with some amazing brands and individuals over the years
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss what I could do for you and your brand.
All the best,