This well-known high-street brand wanted to increase new customer acquisition online via a range of digital channels, including Organic, Paid & E-mail.


We started by really analyzing who their customer was, which we then split out into tiers, which gave us a much better understanding of where we needed to focus our SEO resources & PPC budgets. Overtime this allowed us to significantly grow organic rankings online and invest out media spend more wisely across channels and audiences. By integrating with the clients CRM & E-mail channels we were also able to split our activity further into prospecting, retargeting and retention campaigns which allowed us to effectively and profitably acquire new customers, as well as increase order volumes over time.

All figures are pre-covid 19.


By applying an integrated approach to our activity, we were eventually able to generate a 10X increase in new customer orders vs. the previous year. The above “New Customer Orders (After) graph represents first orders from new customers + the increase in repeat orders over the following 12 months (lifetime value), meaning that: when we combine the volume of new customers acquired, initial order volume plus the repeat orders they carried out over a 12-month period, this was equal to a 10X increase in orders vs. the same month during the previous year.

A few things to note when reading these graphs: We started working with this brand way before “month 1” within the above graphs, these are just to illustrate that we were able to maintain a 10X increase in orders from new customers over a 12-month period, at a higher profit margin per transaction vs. the previous year.